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Beatles Stories Sky Arts HD Broadcast

Fri 22 March 2013

Fri 22 March 7.00pm

Those who knew or brushed shoulders with the Beatles reveal their personal encounters with the Fab Four in a warm documentary from fan Seth Swirsky. Fans who found themselves playing Monopoly with George Harrison, eating beans on toast with Ringo Starr, drinking Barcardi with John Lennon or performing with a Beatles tribute band in front of producer George Martin, open up about how the Beatles touched their lives. Long-term friends of the band, as well as their original sound engineer Norman ‘Hurricane’ Smith and fellow artists including Graham Nash and Jackie DeShannon also discuss their unique relationships and interactions with the pop icons.

On 6th June 1962 a band called the Beatles filed nervously into EMI’s famous Studio Two at Abbey Road Recording Studios. They had previously blown an audition at EMI’s great rivals Decca and they knew they weren’t in any better shape for EMI. Most of the songs they were going to play were the wrong choices and gave no indication of their talent and the songs to come. Their equipment was clapped out and home-made and fizzed and sparked and the white-coated technicians shook their heads: ‘put `em back in the van and wave goodbye’, was the consensus of opinion. But Norman Smith, the engineer on duty – later pop star ‘Hurricane’ Smith - saw something in them. He helped them out, got some sound, and then they played ‘Love Me Do’. He recommended to George Martin that he sign them. The rest is history.

On 6th June 2012 there were screenings at ODEON cinemas in London, Liverpool & Manchester.

Beatles Stories is an 85 minute feature documentary. Interviews include with Sir George Martin, Brian Wilson, Art Garfunkel, Ben Kingsley, Iris Caldwell, Smokey Robinson, Jon Voight, Henry Winkler, Nancy Andrews, May Pang and many others.

Beatles Stories has been distributed in the US by Cinema Libre. Seth Swirsky is available for phone interviews.

The Wall Street Journal 27 Sept 2012

Seth Swirsky director/producer, singer/song-writer grew up in the 1960’s, is a huge Beatles fan. His most well-known songs include Love is a Beautiful Thing recorded by Al Green, Instant Pleasure recorded by Rufus Wainwright and Did You Give Enough Love recorded by Celine Dion and the Grammy-nominated, Tell It To My Heart and Prove Your Love recorded by Taylor Dayne. Beatles Stories has been chosen in the Official Selection in many European and US Film Festivals. Beatles Stories will be seen in Germany, Brazil, Israel,Japan, Scandinavia and Australia later in the Spring.

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2 August 2012