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A whirlwind journey through Joyce’s Dublin

Assembly George Square Two
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Written by Donal O’Kelly. Performed by Katie O’Kelly. Directed by Sorcha Fox

JOYCED! is a tour de force that takes us on a journey of Joycean Dublin in 1904. A whirlwind odyssey through the people, events and a year that would later be so famously recreated in Ulysses, it depicts some of the most important characters in Joyce’s life; his father, John Stanislaus Joyce and his cronies, Oliver St. John Gogarty, the tenor John McCormack, Alfred Hunter (the man who would later become Bloom in Ulysses) and Nora Barnacle herself. It peers back at 1904 through the eyes of JoJo, a stallholder in Dublin's Rathmines Market, who has a dangerous obsession for all things Joycean. JoJo pulls us, like a person possessed, through the full gamut of James Joyce’s crucial year.

Donal O’Kelly is a writer and actor. His play ‘Catalpa’ won a Fringe First at Edinburgh 1996 and was Time Out Critics’ Choice. Many of his plays are published. Donal O’Kelly stage roles include in Colm Toibin’s ‘Beauty In A Broken Place’ at the Abbey and in a Beckett Festival at the Lincoln Center New York. His play ‘The Cambria’, about Frederick Douglass’ voyage to Ireland in 1845, performed with Sorcha Fox, had a successful run in the Irish Arts Centre New York. Katie O'Kelly has previously performed JOYCED! in the Oslo Ibsen Museum for Bloomsday 2011, and other venues. She was in ‘Punchline’, a co-devised street performance at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2010. Director Sorcha Fox co-starred with Donal 0’Kelly in The Hand which opened the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2002. She directed Donal O’Kelly in the award-nominated ‘Jimmy Joyced!’ Sorcha was recently in Bogboy in New York for Tall Tales, for which she won the award for Best Actress in the First Irish Festival Awards.

Joyce’s Dublin comes alive under Donal O’Kelly’s tumbling prose and Katie O’Kelly’s fervent performance...I can’t imagine anyone seeing it and not rushing to read the book.”- Sunday Independent 8 April 2012

“...this blizzard of imagination is an independent achievement.” - Sunday Times 22 April 2012

“Many people have been Joyced! it claims. But Joyce it seems has been well and truly bloomed” – The Irish Times 20 April 2012

Thurs 2 – Sun 26 August 16.45
No perfs Mon 13 & Mon 20 Aug Running time: 55 mins
Tickets: £12.00/£10.00 (conc £10.00/£8.00) £8.00 previews 2 – 3 Aug.

28 June 2012