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Fourth Monkey Theatre Company

6 new productions theSpace @ Niddry St

theSpace @ Niddry St, Niddry Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TH, Box Office 0845 557 0844

Fourth Monkey Theatre Company will stage 6 plays in repertory at theSpace @ Niddry St from Monday 3 to Saturday 25 August 2012.

Artistic Director Steve Green will direct 3 plays and the other directors are Steve Tiller, Natalie Katsou, Hamish MacDougall. The design for all plays is by Zahra Mansouri, lighting by Pablo Fernandz-Baz and sound design by Jamie Flockton.

Steven Green is the founder and Artistic Director of Fourth Monkey. He has trained with John Wright of Told By An Idiot and Fevered Sleep. Hamish MacDougall has recently directed for the Old Vic 24 Hour Play 2011 season, at the Old Vic Tunnels, and at the King’s Head, and was assistant for CONEY ‘House of Cards’ currently at Kensington Palace. Natalie Katsou has directed ‘The Bacchae’ in a new translation by Ranjit Bolt and ‘Antigone’ both for Fourth Monkey. She was assistant director for ‘La Traviata’ Royal Opera House December 2011 revival. Steve Tiller took part in Rimini Protokoll’s ‘100% London’ at Hackney Empire in June

The Erpingham Camp by Joe Orton is directed by Hamish MacDougall. It is set in a Butlins’ type holiday camp and is a riotous depiction of life suppressed by the demonic and evil camp ruler Erpingham. Sam Adamson (Erpingham) and Sean Delaney (a revolutionary Irish Redcoat Riley) lead the cast of 9. This was Orton’s most political play. Running time 1 hour 15 mins.

Elephant Man by Steven Green and David Ledger is directed by Steven Green. This is based on the story of Joseph Merrick as Victorian freak show and scientific marvel. Joseph Merrick is played by Daniel Chrisostomou, Frederick Trèves is played by Grant Russell. There will be a cast of 15. Running time 1 hr 15 minutes

Nights at The Circus, by Angela Carter is adapted by Steven Green and Sarah–Jane Moloney and directed by Steven Green. Fevvers is played by Shala Sayed. There will be a cast of 18.

‘Reporter Jack Walser is on a mission to expose Fevvers, the winged aerialist, as a fake. But will he emerge from the circus unscathed? This will be the Edinburgh Fringe première of this literary masterpiece. Running time 1 hr 15 minutes, suitable for ages 14+

Minatour is written and directed by Natalie Katsou.

Daedalus, sculptor and virtuoso, arrives in King Minos' Kingdom under the shadow of darkness. Under the command of the god Poseidon, the Queen mates with a bull and gives birth to a beast. The Minotaur. King Minos insists the sculptor Daedalus build a great Labyrinth to conceal the animal. All must avoid Minos' rage at his wife's infidelity with the bull. If only Daedalus and his son Icarus had wings to fly this oppressive land. There is a cast of 18. Daedalus is played by James Bryant, Icarus by Anthony Hollis and Scott McGarrick is King Minos. Running time 1 hour 20 mins

Divine Words by Ramón del Valle–Inclán is directed by Steve Tiller in a new version of Valle-Inclan's classic comic peasant play. In rural Spain two women, Mari-Gaila, a very beautiful woman who has every man falling at her feet, and Marica a widow, fight over the strange and profitable legacy of their relative: an idiot child. Mari-Gaila will be played by Sophie Hopkins, Marica by Jenni Gray. There will be a cast of 19. Running time 1 hour 20 mins, Suitable for ages 14+

4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane is directed by Steven Green

Charlie Bate plays The Voice. ‘Following their critically acclaimed, 5 Star run in spring, Fourth Monkey transfer their Off-West End nominated version of Sarah Kane's iconic and poetic contemporary classic to the Edinburgh Fringe. Delivered with an ensemble company of 21, this uncompromising piece of theatre takes the audience on a visceral, physical and emotional journey. Twenty-one actors. One voice. Please open the curtains.

***** Fringe Review ***** Remotegoat “A raw, powerful, harrowing play. An inspiring interpretation by Fourth Monkey”’

Running time 1 hour 5 mins

Fourth Monkey’s Patrons are Ranjit Bolt OBE and Claire-Hope Ashitey.

"As a Patron of Fourth Monkey it is a privilege to see their uncompromising and visceral work breathe new life into contemporary ensemble theatre". Ranjit Bolt OBE

Fri 3 – Sat 25 August 2012, Tickets £10.00 (£8.50 conc), £6 previews 3-4 Aug Times Vary

4 July 2012