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Intermission Youth Theatre - Taming Who?

by Darren Raymond

St. Saviour's Church
Walton Place

0207 823 8979

This new version of The Taming of the Shrew by Intermission Theatre will be at St Saviours Church, Walton Place SW3 from Wed 29th October to Sat 22nd November Weds-Sat 7.30pm. The press nights are on Thurs 6 and Fri 7 November 2014. There are two casts of 13 Alpha and Omega.

TAMING WHO is written and directed by Artistic Director Darren Raymond with design by Andie Scott.

It’s Fresher’s week at Uni, and Petruchio arrives on campus full of excitement with his younger brother Grumio.

However, an unexpected call from their Dad quickly turns them into despair: he wants them to come and live with him in Nigeria as there is no one to look after them in London. In a moment of panic Petruchio tells his Dad that he is married. Surprisingly contented by the news, Dad allows them to stay, but will travel to London to meet her… Petruchio has three days to find a wife!

Artistic Director Darren Raymond started Intermission in 2008 for young people at risk offending plus those who lack opportunity and young aspiring actors. Their Patron is Sylvia Syms. Darren Raymond was in prison for three years; but then took a course with The London Shakespeare Workout who aim to “utilise the language of Shakespeare as a tool, a stepping stone to change through effective interaction”. Alumni include Tosin Cole whose credits include the film ‘Second Coming’ with Idris Elba and Nicola Walker to be released on 17 October.

Darren Raymond has been at a Buckingham Palace reception given by The Queen to celebrate the contribution of those who work with young people in the Arts.

Previous productions include: HMP Macbeth inspired by Macbeth, exploring the lust for power. The Ring of Envy inspired by Othello, exploring the theme of manipulation through social media.

The Playground inspired by A Midsummer Nights Dream, exploring the idea of substance abuse.

Verona Road inspired by Romeo & Juliet, exploring the theme of post code rivalry.

Wasted inspired by Julius Caesar, exploring the world of knife crime.

Intermission Youth Theatre has performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford. RSC Creative Associate Jamie Luck said: “Intermission’s Youth Theatre productions sit easily alongside the strongest professional realisations of Shakespeare I’ve ever seen. Their recent explosive performance at the RSC was nothing short of a revelation.”

Omega Cast Petruchio -Joshua Okusanya; Grumio - Kosi Okoli; Hortensio - John Raymond; Gremio - Stevie Basaula; Tranio - Eugene Ishani; Lucentio - Micah Loubon; Katherine - Ronke Onipede; Baps - Jazzine Barrett; Bianca - Shonisa Brackett; Minola - Lauren Marshall; Tisa - Madeleine Manace Bafoku; Del - Donavan Yates; Dad - Baba Oyejide.

Alpha Cast Petruchio - Tre Medley; Grumio - Kosi Okoli; Hortensio - Kwame Reed; Gremio - Ian Gordon; Tranio - Eddie Thompson; Lucentio - Dandave Roache; Katherine - Simone Richardson; Baps - Lauren Marshall; Bianca - Jazzmine Barrett; Minola - Madeleine Manace Bafoku; Tisa - Shonisa Brackett; Del - Keon Martial-Phillip; Dad - Baba Oyejide

Wed 29th October - Sat 22nd November 2014, 7.30pm.
Press Nights: 6th and 7th November 2014.
There are two casts of thirteen Alpha and Omega.

15 October 2014