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'The Dresser' on location at Hackney Empire

Directed by Richard Eyre and written by Sir Ronald Harwood

Richard Eyre will direct. Exec producing are Colin Callender of Playground Entertainment. The BBC are collaborating with American network, Starz.

Originally broadcast by the BBC on 31 October 2015, Ronald Harwood's The Dresser, starring Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Anthony Hopkins, is set to premiere in the US in Spring 2016.

The Dresser was originally written for the stage, set during the Second World War and based on Ronald Harwood's own experience of being a dresser for Sir Donald Wolfit, the British actor and manager. Freddie Jones starred as Sir, and Tom Courtenay as Norman. It was nominated for best play at the Olivier Awards in 1980.

In this television adaptation, Sir Ian McKellen plays Norman, the dresser, and Sir Anthony Hopkins plays Sir. They are joined by Oscar winning Emily Watson, playing Sir's wife; and Sarah Lancashire who plays stage manager Madge.

15 June 2017